about us

We create newly designed products from leftover materials, overproduction and waste. We design bags from filing folders, pinvases from bowling pins, the stairs of escalators become sofas and much more. For private customers and corporate enterprises. Nothing is wasted with us! Keeping sustainability in mind, all our products are remanufactured from materials that are no longer needed and have been partly already disposed of. We offer jobs to disadvantaged groups of people. One of our aims is that they (re-) enter the labor market. 


The upcycling of leftover material  is in the centre of our design philosophy. In the course of this process, our team, together with chosen designers, takes the raw material out of its original context and gives it a new function. Thereby, unique individual items and limited editions that are unparalleled develop. With a new look and a new function, our products guarantee to serve as eye-catchers as well as practical tools for everyone with that little extra charm. Our offerings range from individual products like high tables made from film containers to serial products like our popular gaba-bags made from used advertisement and truck canvas. Jewelry, accessories, furniture, bags, lamps- our ideas know no boundaries. With us the wishes of our customers, design and excellent craftsmanship meet and are melted into unique and sustainable product solutions. Visit us in our showroom and bring your ideas and requests with you. 


The term “upcycling” stands for more than “just” recycling. Through the usage of leftover material in the design process the product life cycle is prolonged, waste is avoided and an important message is sent to our throw-away society. As a csr- cooperation partner for enterprises and agencies, gabarage develops, among other sustainable items, advertising material, furniture for offices and give-aways made from leftover material of the respective company. The customers and partners of garbarage consciously decide to take responsibility in our society and to stick to the principle of sustainability. The garbarage- design products take this message to the public as well as to businesses themselves. Operating economically in a sustainable manner on a social and ecological basis is no longer a special bonus nowadays; it is a necessity. Therefore, it is our responsibility to act accordingly. 


giving people with a complicated course of life a new direction is not only our concern, but our top priority. thus, the human being is not only a “tool” in our socio-integrative business, but it is also the center of what we do. garbarage upcycling design embraces social responsibility and gives (former) drug-addicts jobs and prepares them for (re-) entering the labor market. we offer positions in our workshop as well as in sales and administration. a five-stage-qualifying program evaluates employees in different areas, and these qualifications are certified by an external business consulting agency.  thereby, social as well as job-specific competencies are taken into account. moreover, garbarage provides its employees with career guidance and support in finding a (new) job.